Mobile Version Hello, Thanks for stopping by! Here is a bit about us. David David has been very busy with his business partners in his various business activities this year (web design and media agency, SAP consultancy and property investment and development. He is still interested in amateur radio and enjoys building equipment. Pamela Pamela had a significant birthday in 2011 and went with Faye to Lisbon for a few days in November; she's been learning Portuguese over the last 18 months and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the torrential rain! She had another just before Christmas 2011, this time with Katie to Euro Disney. In her spare time she does computer art, such as the image to the right. This is low resolution but in high resolution they are very impressive. James James received a 1st degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2011, which we were thrilled about. He works for his own business which is contracting to Johnson and Johnson in Leeds, where he did his work placement from University. He custom designs such as hip and knee joints. Faye Faye has now moved to work in Corporate Debt for Bradford Council after very successful work in Brighouse and Poole. Katie Katie is currently working for Bradford Council, and being a great organiser she’s really enjoyed working in the Lord Mayor’s Department. David's businesses continue to progress within Squirrelhouse Consulting Ltd and Arrowcrest Partnership. SAP and Business Process Consultancy Squirrelhouse Consulting is a business process consultancy which has partnered with a SAP value-added reseller and a Business Strategy consultancy. So he can now sell SAP solutions to medium-sized businesses as well as providing consultancy. Website Design, Graphic Design and Media Agency The website design business has become Squirrelhouse Media and comprises a strong team of experienced and qualified professionals: a journalist/copywriter, an illustrator/graphic designer and an animator.  So we can do anything from e-commerce website design, through graphics for brochures, exhibition banners, logos to press releases and look after businesses ‘message’ to the outside world. Arrowcrest Partnership Together with partners from his finance connections, David has created Arrowcrest Partnership. High return investments with fixed returns where your capital is secured is what Arrowcrest Partnership is all about. RSI and Computer Posture Having RSI with neck osteoarthritis from years of computer use, David wanted to help support others and so the Computer Posture website was created not for profit. This website is to provide advice for (prospective) RSI sufferers also helping them find appropriate tools and aids. Best wishes from us all! Send us an email... Links to our websites Genealogy Squirrelhouse Media Squirrelhouse SAP Consulting Website Freedom Computer Posture UK M0EZP Amateur Radio David’s page Desktop version

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