Images of Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Flash required)
Opens new window Opens new window Opens new window Mobile Browser Version David’s page A place that I find restores my inner calm and the nearest thing to my muse is Yorkshire Sculpture Park. So this is why I’ve put some shots of it to the right. Of course there are usually exhibitions on of one or more sculptors. David Nash one of the more prolific was excellent as was Jaume Plensa during 2011. I had the pleasure to see David Nash at work during the Summer of 2012 in Kew Gardens. Career I'm a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional, graduating in Computing in Business and have developed and project managed numerous development and implementation projects. Since leaving Nestle in 2009, my businesses continue to progress within Squirrelhouse Consulting Ltd and Arrowcrest Partnership. SAP and Business Process Consultancy Squirrelhouse SAP Consultancy is a business process consultancy which has partnered with a SAP value-added reseller and a Business Strategy consultancy. So he can now sell SAP solutions to medium-sized businesses as well as providing consultancy. I am also a PRINCE-2 practitioner (Project Management qualification). Website Design, Graphic Design and Media Agency The website design business has become Squirrelhouse Media and comprises a strong team of experienced and qualified professionals: a journalist/copywriter, an illustrator/graphic designer and an animator.  So we can do anything from e-commerce website design, through graphics for brochures, exhibition banners, logos to press releases and look after businesses ‘message’ to the outside world. Arrowcrest Partnership Together with partners from his finance connections, David has created Arrowcrest Partnership which invests and develops property. Our secured fixed rate returns on £25K+ are more than 2.5 times higher than the best UK bank savings rates. Work with Nestlé I worked with Nestlé for 25 years and whilst there I steered and had significant project involvement in two key research/prototype projects; one ultimately resulted in the successful $1B Nestlé project GLOBE, implementing common SAP-based business processes and systems worldwide; the other being for e- procurement, identifying £ Million savings. Genealogy Before James was born, I spent a lot of time researching my family and got as far back as the mid 1600s down the male line. In so doing, I have come across lots of 'long lost cousins' scattered all over the globe or more properly cousins I never knew I had! Our shared pool of family knowledge is vast and testament to the power of team work! Visit our Genealogy pages for more information. Amateur Radio My Gran gave me a piece of walnut furniture when I was 9 or 10 which was actually a radio (as they once were) - it had short-wave on it and a curious bit on the dial named “Amateurs” and that got me hooked with making crystal set radios and then more advanced equipment. With Amateur Radio, there are technical exams to pass before the Government grants a licence to transmit. The freedoms and power limits are so much greater than something like CB but so can be the sense of achievement! I have built much of my own equipment which gives me a great sense of achievement when I'm in contact with people all over the globe. It warms you up on a cold winter's day to talk to someone near the Arctic circle who's 20-30 degrees colder! Australian contacts of course make you very green with envy as you imagine them with a cool beer and cooking something on the BBQ! Visit my radio site (licensed callsign M0EZP) for more information. Reminder Software I developed which might help you with PC posture, eye-strain etc A simple program which I wrote a few years ago and works with Windows Xp,W2K,W97, Vista and Windows-7. Unzip the contents of this application into a folder and run Setup to install. Make a short cut to Reminder.exe and copy it into your startup folder to run every time you start your PC. It will remind you every few minutes to look away from the screen, improve your posture at the PC and drink! Old Links Web Design by Squirrelhouse Consulting Ltd                                                                                                                         Images  © Brewerton Family
Photos taken in June 2010 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield