Opens new window Opens new window Opens new window Mobile Browser Version David’s dumping ground and miscellany Here is a bit of a personal dumping ground for my bits and pieces... Reminder Software I developed which might help you with PC posture, eye-strain etc A simple program which I wrote a few years ago and works with Windows Xp,W2K,W97, Vista and Windows-7. Unzip the contents of this application into a folder and run Setup to install. Make a short cut to Reminder.exe and copy it into your startup folder to run every time you start your PC. It will remind you every few minutes to look away from the screen, improve your posture at the PC and drink! Using Apache File Management To move folder1 into folder2 simply enter folder2 as the desination folder To move childfolder up a level, simply navigate to the childfolder, and enter ../ as the destination folder The ../ sequence represents going up one level in the filesystem, you could use ../../ if you wanted to move the file to the root folder. To copy public_html/site1 to public_html/site2 1. create site2 folder 2. enter site1 folder and select all its contents 3. copy all to ../site2 Linux tar and gzip files or a folder from Terminal... tar -cvzf tarballname.tar.gz myfilestocompress                      c – create a new archive  v – verbosely list files which are processed   z – filter the archive through gzip     f – following is the archive file name     w - verify untar and unzip simply do... tar xvfz filename.tar.gz       or  selectively...    tar xvzf filename.tar.gz */*     x – extract files from archive How to keep your Vauxhall Vectra alive without being poor! Engine Management Fault Codes - how to find them with a paperclip - cached copy What goes wrong with the Idle Control Valve - how to fix it - cached copy How to keep your Washing Machine alive! Diagnosing washing machine problems - cached copy Washing machine - Motor Maintenance on Bosch Maxx WFL2260 Web Design by Squirrelhouse Consulting Ltd                                                                                                                         Images  © Brewerton Family